Grit Volleyball AVP America Qualifier (18's) 5.22 (May 22nd, 2022)

Start time is 8:00 am.

This is event is limited to nine teams consisting of three pools of three teams. Each team is guaranteed four matches. After pool play, all first place teams will go to Gold, all second places will go to Silver, and all three places will go to Bronze in a pool style playoff. Teams will be play or working at all times so the day is shorter with very little down time. You can go to visit Washington, DC afterwards.

Only first and second place overall will be award bids to AVP America Nationals in Hermosa Beach, California held July 5-7. There are no trickle down bids. Please note that a bid does not guarantee a spot for Nationals due to limited space. It's first come, first serve basis for Nationals once you have a bid.

6 Teams
Initial Pools (Sun, May 22nd)
1st. Scott/White
2nd. Rodgers/Kilgore
3rd. Bianchi/Hays
3rd. Brade/Henning
5th. Lockley/Larue
6th. Lapham/Burgess
6 Teams